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New Poll Shows Franken, Grassley Neck and Neck in the 2022 General Election

DES MOINES, IA –  A poll conducted by Change Research and released by the Franken for Iowa campaign this week shows Mike Franken trailing Sen. Chuck Grassley by just 3 points in a general election: 42% Franken, 45% Grassley and 13% undecided.The poll surveyed 1070 general election likely voters in Iowa. In the results, Franken is shown to draw support from across the partisan spectrum with one third of his votes coming from Independents and Republicans.  Franken for Iowa Campaign Manager Julie Stauch said, “These numbers show us that Senator Grassley has outworn his welcome in Iowa and that Iowans are ready for a fresh voice and new representation. Michael Franken is a candidate that Iowans across the state like, and they relate to his lived experiences. These numbers demonstrate he’s the best choice for any Iowan who wants to retire Senator Charles Grassley in November.”

Admiral Mike Franken is running for the Democratic Nomination to defeat Senator Grassley. He recently outraised his primary opponents and launched his first ad. Mike has been campaigning across Iowa, meeting voters where they are to discuss issues that matter to them.  Mike was born and raised in rural northwest Iowa, the youngest of nine children. Lebanon, Iowa, had eight houses, a church, and a small feed store. The Franken home was small – one bathroom for a family of ten. Mike’s life centered on helping his dad, going to school, and exploring nearby Dry Creek.  He learned the meaning of sacrifice from his mother – a one-room schoolhouse teacher with a brilliant mind who left teaching to raise her children full time. She maintained her passion for learning – always with a book in hand, encouraging her kids to read. He learned the value of hard work from his dad – a WWII Veteran who mastered his craft in his small machine shop, where Mike learned to weld and lathe. Mike never shied away from work – he went on to do odd jobs as a farmhand for many farms in the area, and he was the youngest foreman at the age of 19 in a nearby meatpacking plant.

It was this humble and grounded Iowa beginning that gave Mike an opportunity to earn a scholarship into the U.S. Navy where he dedicated 40 years of his life serving our country. He experienced sea duty in four navy destroyers, a destroyer squadron, and an aircraft carrier. Mike was the first commanding officer of the USS WINSTON S CHURCHILL – deployed frequently to the world’s hotspots. Mike’s experience and expertise is unparalleled. He retired as a three-star Admiral in 2017. He was the only military adviser to oppose the invasion of Iraq. As a trusted leader in the military, Mike was sought after to facilitate a program that helped senior officers understand the legislative process. Here, he was assigned to work for Sen. Ted Kennedy and served under President Obama, leading successful missions to protect our country, and fight terrorists, pirates, and international corruption. He understands the issues and threats the United States faces on a global stage at this critical moment in history. Mike and his wife Jordan are parents to two adult children, including a daughter with special needs. This experience has given them a depth of understanding of the issues so many families face – from adoption and foster care, to accessible education and healthcare, to public transportation and employment.  You can learn more about the campaign at or you can email the campaign at [email protected]###


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