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NEW POLL: Admiral Michael Franken Within 4 Points of Sen. Chuck Grassley

Head-to-head: Grassley 48%. Franken 44%. 

Retired 3-star Navy Admiral holds 21-point lead in favorability over 63-year career politician

Change Research surveyed 1,143 likely general election voters in Iowa, September 3-8, 2022. The modeled margin of error for this survey is 3.0%. More information about the poll’s methodology is available in the poll memo.


  • With 8 weeks to go, Chuck Grassley has less than 50% support and leads Michael Franken, a Democrat, by just four points. 48% to Franken’s 44%. 8% are undecided.
  • More and more voters are getting to know Michael Franken and rate him positively. In April, just 49% of likely November voters had heard of Franken. His name recognition rose to 71% in early July, and now it’s 78%. Positive views of Franken have grown and held as he has become better known (+2 in April, +15 in July, and +13 in September).
  • At the same time, voters’ unfavorable view of Grassley persists. Grassley has been steady at -9 favorability in April, July, and September.  

In response to the poll, Franken for Iowa Communications Director C.J. Petersen released the following statement:

“This polling shows that Iowans are ready to move on from Chuck Grassley and that Admiral Franken has the momentum in the race for U.S. Senate. 

“As Senator Grassley continually sides with his party leaders and the special interest groups that line his campaign accounts to block legislation to lower drug prices, oppose efforts to cap the price of insulin at $35/month, and support extreme laws that take away women’s freedom and ban abortion with no exceptions, more and more Iowans are looking for fresh leadership. And they’re finding it with Admiral Franken and his commitment to put country over party and people over politics.”


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