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Michael Franken Challenges Chuck Grassley to Four Debates

DES MOINES, IA -Today, Vice Admiral Michael Franken challenged Chuck Grassley to four debates before the November 8th, 2022 general election. The Franken campaign seeks to hold one debate in each of Iowa’s four congressional districts. Six years ago in 2016, Grassley agreed to two debates with challenger Patty Judge and ultimately participated in just one debate.

Franken issued the following statement on the need for public debate: 

“We are living in serious times warranting serious discussions about the future of our state and our democracy. Iowans deserve to know who will provide the leadership to confront the challenges before us and solve these issues for the betterment of all.

“Simply put, I ask Senator Grassley to stand before all voters and show the electorate who has the vision, verve, and veracity to help mend the nation and lead Iowans to an ever-improving quality of life.”


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