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Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA!);

Unanimously Endorses Mike Franken for U.S. Senate 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Ellen Goodmann Miller
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Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA!);

Unanimously Endorses Mike Franken for U.S. Senate 

DES MOINES, IA – Today, the Laborers International Union of North America and their affiliated Local Unions, who represent workers across the entire state of Iowa, unanimously endorsed Mike Franken, candidate for U.S. Senate.

Franken said “I grew up in northwest Iowa with a dad who mastered his craft in his small machine shop and shared that sense of craftsmanship with his kids. I know that LiUNA brings that same value and skillfulness to Iowa and I am honored and humbled to receive the support of their leaders, members, and families. Our communities rely upon these workers and as a U.S. Senator, I won’t stand for union-busting tactics. I will work for an ever-increasing quality of life and ensure corporate accountability for all workers.”

Tony Penn, Business Manager- Great Plains Laborers District Council, of LiUNA, said that the union is proud to endorse Mike Franken. “Mike is the candidate who not only understands and represents Iowa values of integrity, hard work, and authenticity – he is not afraid to stand up against corruption or big corporations that undermine Iowa workers. We look forward to partnering with Mike to help him win the primary this June and defeat Chuck Grassley in November.” 


Mike Franken has been endorsed by key Iowa leaders and national leaders including Vote Vets.

About LiUNA!

LiUNA’s is comprised of a group of outstanding, professional, and dedicated laborers who are proud to build the great State of Iowa through a safe, skilled, productive, and diverse workforce. 

We represent both public and private sector workers. We are engaged in building and maintaining critical infrastructure, that Iowans use in their everyday lives, as well as commercial construction.

LiUNA! is committed to building a foundation in emerging market sectors by supporting new energy development projects such as natural gas, nuclear, solar, and wind. In the public sector we represent workers within our school districts and public works departments and also represent the mail-handlers at your local post-office’s. 

Our members are equipped to respond to disasters throughout the country. Whether on or off the jobsite. Our family-oriented local unions are active in their communities volunteering when anyone is in need. 

LiUNA! builds Iowa. FEEL THE POWER!

About Mike Franken

Admiral Mike Franken is running for the Democratic Nomination to defeat Senator Grassley. Mike is the youngest of nine children born and raised in rural Northwest Iowa.  He spent his formative years in his dad’s machine shop and worked his way to college as a farmhand and as a foreman in a slaughterhouse. He received a Navy scholarship while in college. 

Franken’s career stretched across multiple continents and almost forty years.  He commanded the destroyer USS Winston S Churchill, a squadron of ships, and an international task group at sea. He was the task force commander for the 4,000 US personnel in East Africa and the first director of the POW/MIA defense agency.  He went on to serve in various policy-making, strategy and planning roles including chief of legislative affairs for the Department of the Navy. He retired from military service as a three-star admiral in 2017.

Mike and his wife Jordan have two adult children.

You can learn more about the campaign at or you can email the campaign at [email protected]



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