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Iowa GOP scrambles for torpedoes to sink the admiral

Republican U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley has been trying to figure out a way to attack his Democratic opponent, retired Navy Admiral Mike Franken. Results have been mixed.

It’s tough, because Franken has no legislative record to easily dissect, twist and target.

After Franken won the Democratic nomination, Grassley and his allies painted Franken as a “Biden apologist.” President Joe Biden is unpopular, so painting all Democratic candidates as Biden backers makes sense. Still, weak sauce.

Grassley tweeted that Franken wants Iowa “to be more like California,” which is waging a “war on bacon.” How could we ever vote for a candidate who is against bacon? But Grassley cites no evidence Franken supports this stuff. A desperate swing.

Then the GOP pointed to Franken’s anger at seeing a “Let’s Go Brandon F**** Biden” flag flying in Sumner.

“I speak for all veterans, categorically speaking, not for that person. I did not serve my nation for him, or her or whoever lives there. Shame on, shame on your town for that. I was going to stop at your VFW, and I decided to keep on riding,” Franken said, according to Iowa Capitol Dispatch.

Iowa Republicans charged his diatribe disrespects Iowans’ right to free speech and is anti-veteran. It’s also proof of Franken’s enormous “ego.” Republicans argued it showed Franken is afraid to meet with Iowans he disagrees with.

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