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Franken Campaigns in Quad Cities

Politics, friends, and baseball have brought Mike Franken to the Quad Cities.

Along with attending a River Bandits game Thursday night in Davenport, the Democratic candidate for US Senate, running against Republican Chuck Grassley, plans to ask for contributions, speak with several organizations, and meet with newspaper editorial boards.

When Iowans vote this fall, he hopes they remember the economy is improving, and that the Biden Administration has passed some significant legislation that he believes “will change America for the good for many decades to come.”

“And also stop with the anxiety and craziness that was the past administration. I’m ever so thankful for Joe Biden at least attempting to quiet the dissension in America today.”

Referring to some recent negative ads, Franken knows opponents will somehow try to find fault with his long career in the Navy, his upbringing in rural northwest Iowa, and even the fact that he went to college, even though he relied on scholarships.

“All the goodness of life, they will twist, contort, and make fun of, and suddenly make that a flag-waving reason to come after you, because they have nothing else.”

Friday he’ll go on to his next campaign stops, in Burlington.


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