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Editorial: Franken’s hopes rise

Art Cullen//Storm Lake Times

Republicans who successfully challenged the nomination papers of Democratic Senate candidate Abby Finkenauer should be careful what they wish for. Mike Franken could be a much tougher challenger for Sen. Chuck Grassley, the long-time incumbent Republican.

A couple GOP county chairs challenged Finkenauer’s nomination petition because signators from Allamakee and Cedar County did not date their signatures. A district court judge ruled that they must be dated. An appeal must be heard by April 15 for the June 7 primary.

Assuming the ruling stands, Finkenauer will be knocked off the primary ballot. She is considered the front-runner, having raised the most money and won most major union endorsements. She is a former member of the US House.

Two Democratic candidates remain: Franken, a retired Navy admiral, and Dr. Glenn Hurst of Shenandoah. Democrats will have an abundance of brains from which to choose. We have not met Dr. Hurst. We came to know Franken from his run for the Senate two years ago.

We thought Franken would be the stronger choice to run against Sen. Joni Ernst two years ago. He remains a strong candidate against Grassley based on his resume alone: three-star admiral, in charge of the Navy’s highly successful ebola response in Africa, liaison for the Pentagon to Congress, advanced degrees in physics. Native of Sioux County. Weaned in a machine shop, veteran of the chitlins table at SiouxPreme Pack, can shoot a gun better than Dick Cheney. Franken is smart, almost to a fault as he can speak past a crowd sometimes. He also is bold and will speak clearly on matters of gravity: He quit the Navy when a tyrant with no respect for the rule of law became commander in chief. He draws sharp moral lines that will confuse Grassley. He lives by an oath, and it makes Franken hard to slime. Franken has shown some fundraising strength lately and appears to be picking up some steam.

We are eager to hear from Dr. Hurst.


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