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Democracy or autocracy … vote your values

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley is seeking reelection as the oldest Republican senator at age 89. If reelected, Grassley will be 95 after his next term. Why would anyone work until they are nearly 100? Spoiler alert: Political power! Grassley explained, “Seniority means an awful lot … If Republicans are in the majority … I will be the dean of the United States Senate.”  

Grassley works … for Donald Trump! Although he vehemently chastised Trump immediately following the insurrection, he subsequently made a complete U-turn to secure Trump’s endorsement. Naturally, they were both beaming during the announcement as if the insurrection never even happened!   

Didn’t Grassley’s mama ever teach him that those who enable liars are themselves liars due to their duplicity? You simply can’t trust liars and the webs of destruction they weave. Even if the 14th Amendment is invoked, we must eliminate all “Big Liars” to save our democracy. 

“Today, the Republican Party that I spent so many years with has really let the country down,” said former Congressmen Jim Leach. Leach switched his political affiliation to the Democratic Party ahead the June 7 primary. He supports Michael Franken’s bid for Grassley’s long-held Senate seat.  

If you stand on the side of democracy, please consider supporting retired U.S. Navy Admiral Michael Franken. He does not take any money from corporate PACs, so grassroots roots donors are extremely important. Please visit the admiral’s website for more information and a complete agenda of his priorities:    

-Carol Mertens, North Liberty


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