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Admiral Michael Franken Raises $2.8 Million In Just 92 Days, Outraises Grassley by nearly $1.6 Million

DES MOINES, IA – Retired Navy Admiral Mike Franken outraised senior Senator from Iowa, Charles Grassley by nearly $1.6 million in the latest fundraising quarter, new financial disclosures show. 

This year alone Franken has outpaced Grassley by raising $4,208,670.08 to Grassley’s $2,959,256.37. Grassley has received $122,000 from corporate PACs between May 19, 2022 and June 30, 2022.

Grassley’s campaign slogan is “Grassley Works”, but who does Grassley really work for? From these filings, it is clear he works for greedy corporations like big pharmaceutical companies driving up the costs of prescription drugs, the partisan establishment in D.C., and groups that want everyone to have guns, even those who pose a risk to themselves and others.

During the 92 day period that ended June 30, Franken reported raising $2.8 million to the Federal Election Commission. 

This is a watershed moment. In his 63 years as a politician, Chuck Grassley has NEVER been outraised by $1.6 million in a quarter by any opponent, ever. It’s clear Iowans have had enough of Sen. Grassley’s failed leadership and lack of results,” said Campaign Manager Julie Stauch. 

Grassley Campaign:

Grassley is getting major fundraising help from the national GOP. He received about $240,000 in transfers from joint fundraising committees either with other members or national GOP entities run by McConnell/the NRSC

He raised only $342,064.09 from individuals giving directly to his committee, of which only $91,972.55 was from low-dollar, unitemized donors. This last figure in particular is incredibly low (most House incumbents in frontline seats are higher)

Received $122,000 from corporate PACs between May 19, 2022 and June 30, 2022

Received $11,000 from the pharmaceutical industry, including funding from Pfizer, Amgen, Inc., Gilead Sciences Inc. Takeda Pharmaceuticals America Inc. PAC

Franken Campaign:
To date the Franken campaign has raised $4.63 million. The Franken campaign has $1.1 million cash on hand after a hotly contested primary election.

$2.8 million is more than Chuck Grassley has EVER raised in a single quarter

$2.8 million is more than any previous Grassley challenger has ever raised during their ENTIRE campaign, without making personal loans.

$4.63 million is more than Grassley’s last 4 challengers raised COMBINED during their entire campaigns

From 4/1 to 6/30 (Q2)

$2.81 million raised in just 92 days

Average gift of $19.73

Over 84,000 unique donors made over 142,000 gifts

A new donation was received every 55 seconds, 24/7

Campaign to Date

$4.63 million raised since October 14, 2021

Average gift of $23

Over 110,000 unique donors have made 200,000 gifts

Campaign has donors from 46% of all zip codes in the United States

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